Truth Table Generator

I originally created this tool in 2002 – yes, 2002. I was recently going through my old work and thought it might be fun to put up. I refreshed it a little (to use Bootstrap and jQuery) and made the code a little cleaner, and put up online again.


Truth Table Generator is a very simple tool. It allows you to enter a logic expression (using the shorthand notation, i.e. + for OR, nothing for AND, quote or apostrophe for NOT) for which it will show you a truth table, displaying the result of the expression for each of the possible set of values of the variables. It works for up to 26 variables, though it (obviously) gets very slow for 12+ variables – and, anyway, I would say that the value of a truth table is seriously diminished if more than 6 variables are used...


It's all client-side (which makes it fast, and allows it to work offline), which is a common thing these days but in 2002 it was sort of a new thing.

Click through to use the tool.

Click through to use the tool.