I'm Lukasz Strozek and this is my bit of space in the digital ether. I hope you'll explore it, taking away as much as you can, but also contribute, sharing your thoughts and impressions with me and others here.

I started this project four years ago, in an attempt to share my thoughts and ideas with others – friends and strangers. I wanted to inspire, to invite collaboration, to get a discussion going, and to offer information and insight that I generated or collected to those who may find it useful. I wanted to contribute to our shared knowledge base.

I also wanted to force myself to think more and to define my ideas better. There truly is no better way to do this than to commit to writing them down, with the knowledge that others will need to understand them.

I've identified a few things that I'm particularly interested in, and these are the categories at the top.

  • Tech+Venture+Design attempts to describe the world from the point of view of someone who sits at the intersection of technology, venture (business, entrepreneurship, etc.), and design (i.e. the study of the human experience).

  • Projects and Ideas are things which I've created or want to create.

  • Introspection contains some more personal (and philosophical) thoughts.

  • Photography documents my favorite pastime. 

  • Finally,  


    is a curated set of links, images, concepts, and in general information around the Web.

This is a second iteration of elevenseconds. I've learned a lot about what's important to me (and to those I care about) and how to structure information so others can digest it better. I came to appreciate tools (such as Squarespace) that allow me to leverage myself and allow me to focus on making content, while making it beautiful. I transitioned over all that was valuable, cleaned a lot of old content up, and updated it, just like one would do with physical stuff when moving apartments (a lot of it is in a box). Hopefully, for decades to come, this and future iterations of elevenseconds can become a lasting record of my thoughts and creations.

Why "curiosity, creativity, and building something bigger than yourself "? I believe these three to be my most fundamental values in life. They took me places I could never have imagined going, contributed to all the fun I've been having in my life, and are giving me a sense of purpose that means that I'm never bored.

Oh, and why eleven seconds? There are lots of theories. But I just really, really like the phrase. I think it's beautiful.