Fake News: Mixing Sodas

We've received reports of middle school kids all over the U.S. getting high in a new, legal kind of way. Apparently some of more than fifty Coca Cola and Pepsi flavors, when mixed together and heated up, synthesize a powerful chemical similar in its structure to THC, the main ingredient in marijuana. Which precise soda flavors need to be mixed, in which proportions and the details of the heating process are unclear; the "recipe," as the youths impudently call it, has managed to be kept secret among the fourteen-year-olds.

Our reporters scoured the Web looking for further explanation; however, seeing as there are about thirty-five hundred Facebook groups, each of which claims to be named after the recipe, it is unclear whether the information will see the light of day.

The spokespersons at Coca Cola Co., and Pepsi Co. refused to comment on this speculation.

In Fairfield County, Connecticut, local government officials, prompted by pressure from the wives of several affluent residents, said that, pending the verification of the reports, they would begin drafting legislature aimed at limiting sales of certain combinations of flavors.  More drastic measures include the introduction of regulations that prevent young people below the age of 21 from purchasing sodas, or a ban of certain flavors altogether.