Direct Humor versus Sarcasm

A lot of people enjoy sarcasm as means of humor.  Understandably so – humor in essence is the departure from the expected, and sarcasm – saying the opposite of what one means to convey – is a good way to achieve that.  However, I disagree with those who believe that sarcasm is superior to other forms of humor, most notably direct humor.

Why do I like direct humor so much?  There is no better feeling brought about from humor than that achieved with a rich, hearty laughter, directly from your gut.  It's a very fundamental kind of feeling, one that is rare (I may have literally "laughed out loud" maybe five times in my life) but incredibly satisfying.  This kind of laughter comes not from sarcasm, which is intellectual in nature, but from natural humor -- a punt that isn't forced, or deliberated upon.  In a way, what makes sarcasm so appealing to a lot of people – its complexity and sophistication – is its weakness when it comes to the real feeling of momentary happiness, blinding, paralyzing, disarming (all in a good way!) happiness stemming from direct humor.