An iterative approach

I struggled with publishing my blog for a long time for two reasons.  For one, I guess I didn't really internalize its importance (which arises from a connection this blog has to my goals).  As I'm solidifying my goals and training myself to stick to them, I post more.

The second reason, a much more subtle one, was that every time I started thinking about what to post, I'd get discouraged because what I was going to talk about wasn't fleshed out, or fully thought out; in other words, it wasn't perfect.  Perfection is a very dangerous concept -- I think we all seek it yet we don't realize how unrealistic and unachievable it is.  We're drawn to it because of its elegance -- you never have to fix a perfect thing -- and forget an obvious thing that the closer you come to perfection, the more effort you have to put in (and the relationship is exponential).

Instead, I should much rather aim for something that gets me in the vicinity of the right answer and then iterate as necessary, by contrasting the cost of improvement against its benefit.

Specifically for the blog posts, worrying about making the posts perfect meant I'd never post anything.  Instead, I'm just going to try to convey the gist of my thoughts and if need be, elaborate on them in the future.